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Random Things Happen 2 5.2

No permission to download
Fixed Updates so you can open it
Added Blue Window
Fixed a new updates guis
ufosxm got some changes
Added new food = Hello Panda
Removed Blue Window
Added Green Opal Ore
Added Green Opal Ingot
Changed name for RTH Enchant to Hammer
Added Green Opal Sword
Fixed so Hammer have only 3 levels now instead of 10 levels
Ufosxm will now follow you when you have tamed him
Added Green Opal Pickaxe
Added Creative Tabs to all itmes
Fixed Posion water so you instant dies
Fixed emerald Armour
Added Green Opal Axe
Added so you can smelt green opal ore
Added New Mob = Chriswhippit
Added Green Opal Shovel
Added Green Opal Hoe
Added Green Opal BLock
Updates Menu don't Pause game anymore
Fixed Rainbow Ore so you need a Pickaxe to break
Fixed More Effensive for Rainbow Sword
Fixed More Durability to Rainbow Pickaxe
Removed RTH 2 Furnaces
Fixed More Durability to Rainbow Shovel
Fixed More Durability to Rainbow Hoe
Fixed More Durability to Rainbow Axe
Added New Biome in Rainbow city (Snowy Mountains)
Fixed Save Your iron so you need a pickaxe to break
Fixed a Bug in SYI Gui
Fixed Cyan Brick so you need a pickaxe to break
Removede World Teleporter
Added Rainbow Portal again
Poision Water can only spawn in Rainbow City
Fixed a new bug in SYI
Added More durability for Ender Sword
Foxed so ender tools take 10 Damage when you use right click
Added RTH Effensive Enchantment
Added Netherite Axe
Added Netherite Hoe
Added Netherite Ingot
Added Netherite Pickaxe
Added Netherite Shovel
Added Netherite Ore
Added Netherite Scrap
Added a power for Netherite tools (Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe)
Fixed so Netherite Pickaxe is faster
Fixed Ender Sword Fails
Fixed some bugs with syd
Fixed more repairs for purpur sword
Fixed more repairs for purpur pickaxe
Fixed more repairs for Quartrz sword
Fixed more repairs for Quartz Pickaxe
Fixed more repairs for Quartz Shovel
Fixed more repairs for Quartz Axe
Fixed so Chocolate milk give better hunger
Fixed some bugs with Diamond Knife
Added so you can repair Emerald Armour
Fixed so Emerald Armour is better
Added more Damage to ruby axe
Dbock can now be tamed with Chocolate milk
Removed Rome Armour
Fixed so Updates Pause Game
Fixed so you need a pickaxe to break BLue Brick
Fixed so you need a pickaxe to break BLue stone
Fixed more damage to Blue Obsidian Axe
Fixed Fail Name on Blue Obsidian Shovel
Ufosxm can now be tamed with chocolate milk
Added Cyan Brick
Added Recipe for Cyan brick
Added Poison water
Fixed Blue Brick
Added World teleporter
Added World teleporter gui
Added World Rose
Added World Rose Ball
Added Bad Bag
Added a gui for bad bag
Added Medium Bag
Added a gui for Medium bag
Added Big Bag
Removed phone from creative tab (get it from /changelog)
Added a gui for Big bag
Added Wooden ring
Added stone ring
Added iron ring
Added Gold ring
Added Diamond ring
Added Emerald ring
Added recipe for Bad Bag
Added recipe for medium Bag
Added recipe for Big Bag
Added Bigger Bag
Added a gui for bigger bag
Added recipe for bigger bag
Added Extreme Bag
Added Extremer Bag
Added a Gui for Extreme bag
Added a Gui for Extremer Bag
Added Recipe for Extreme bag
Added recipe for Extremer bag
Added Ruby Ring
Added Recipe for Ruby ring
Fixed Better Portal to Rainbow City
Added Red Water
Added Panda's medicine
Fixed Panda's Medicine
Removed Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard on screen
Removed All Advancement (Crash) (coming back later)
Removed Menu
Removed Settings
Removed Panda's Medicine
Added RTH Phone
Added New Command to get phone /changelog
Removed K Button
Added SYI (Save Your Iron)
Fixed So you can press on settings in menu (Press on K)
Added Codinates in Settings
Added RTH Furnaces
Added Gui For The Furnaces
Added Hopper Support for SYD, SYI, Red book and furnaces
Updated RTH 2 to 1.15.2